Hear from People We've Helped

 "I've been dealing with European bureaucracy for 3 years... nobody has been able to explain things with clarity and competency like Stephen. It sure beats the YouTubers who make "informational" videos where they throw up their hands and say "I don't know why you gotta do it, but it's France!" Many Americans (and other foreigners living in France) really truly struggle with the bureaucratic system in place here, the understanding and the background knowledge that this course provides should help alleviate some of the natural anxieties that come with immigrating to a new country.

Natasha Swinney

 "We run two businesses, but much of the information and advice Stephen shared here was new to us. Stephen really gets to the heart and soul of the matter, by explaining not only ‘how’ to make a business successful, but by challenging you to ask yourself ‘what’ you are really looking for out of your business. Concise, engaging, and packed with information, this crash course is definitely worth your time.

Martha Renner

 "This course has been incredibly helpful and worth every penny. It has saved me hours of googling and confusion. Thank you Stephen for putting together all this information and sharing your knowledge and tips!

Kali Arabis 

 "I would consider myself a seasoned traveler, yet despite that, Stephen had some great tips that I hadn't considered before. I found the content articulated well and it was in nice bite-sized chunks, that you can come back to. This really does cover everything you need to consider for a truly great trip that you'll remember for years to come. I think whether someone is traveling for the first time, or like me, has been to more than a few countries, he/she will be able to get a lot out of this course.

Charlotte Dubenskij

 "Great course that finished as strong as it began. The material that was presented was succinct yet informative and really got me thinking about creative ways to make additional money through Meetup and other platforms. This is on par with the type of course that I have come to expect from Stephen Heiner." 

David Ford

 "I enjoyed the way this course describes Airbnb as a very accessible concept that can link you to a global community. The content is clearly delivered with lots of great tips that will make your hospitality as a host stand out. Ultimately, I think the course is valuable as it is coming from a very experienced Airbnb host who seems to enjoy hosting people from various walks of life.

Leila Goddard